Version History

Chapter 1: Restore a Version

Chapter 2: Copy a Version

If you have accidentally overwritten a useful scene in your video, you are now able to restore it!

  1. Open the version history panel under the dropdown menu of your video on the video page or the video listing page.
  2. Simply select the video version you want in the list.
  3. Preview and restore it.
  4. You can also make a copy of any versions in the list.
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Concurrent Editing Improvement

To prevent losing any content when multiple users work on the same video, we just introduced dialogs to block certain actions. When a video is already being edited, the following actions are not possible:

  • Edit the video, including by the same user in multiple tabs
  • Restore an old version of the video
  • Delete the video
  • Delete the folder which contains the video
  • Rename the video
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New Templates

  • Venn Diagram (All styles): Total 12
  • Subscription Call-To-Action (Contemporary and Business Friendly): Total 10
  • Improvement of Action Tags (Business Friendly and Whiteboard): Categories included Medical – Patient and Emotions
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Common Craft for Professional Plan

Common Craft is now available in Vyond Studio. Professional plan subscribers will find the same props and backgrounds as in the Legacy Video Maker. This means more than 2,300 assets have just been added to the library! Moreover, the static Common Craft templates available in Legacy have also been replaced by 73 brand new templates featuring transitions and effects.
*Note: The style is still available to our Professional Plan subscribers only.

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Contemporary Characters – Facing Direction

In storytelling, the viewpoints of characters help reinforcing the characters’ feelings and reactions. Sometimes it supports shifting narratives as well.

In the Expression panel, you can now change the facing directions for Contemporary characters. With this flexibility, combining actions and expressions with different facing directions has never been easier.

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Font Size & Alignment Control

Auto font size, fixed font size and vertical alignment are available in the Vyond Studio.

  • Auto font size: When “Auto size” is checked (ON), text will be resized to fit into its selection box. By scaling the selection box, the font size will be changed automatically.
  • Fixed font size: When “Auto size” is unchecked (OFF), the font size will follow the number in the input menu at all times.
  • Vertical alignment: Other than horizontal alignment options, text can now be top-aligned, center-aligned and bottom-aligned within the selection box.

*Tip: Using keyboard ↑ ↓ arrow keys can increase or decrease the number in the input menu to the nearest 1px.

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New Content


  • Props (Contemporary): Total 216 (Including emoji icons including people, symbols, travel and places)
  • Character Creator Components (Contemporary): Total 123 (Including outfits, hairstyles and facial features)
  • Chart Templates (Business Friendly): Total 11
  • Improvement of Action Tags (Business Friendly and Whiteboard): Categories included Cashier, Cooking & Catering, Medical – Doctors

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