Drab to Fab: Video Producer Tips for Crafting Color Palettes

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Have you tried Vyond’s palettes feature, now integrated into collections and the brand kit? If you are unsure where to start, watch this video for some quick hacks on quickly creating color palettes in Vyond. Then try these new palettes out with the ‘Recolor’ button to explore different color combinations to build the right palette for your brand projects.

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Tips for Happy Prompting with Vyond’s Text to Image

With so many options at your fingertips, sometimes it can be hard getting started with generative AI. Vyond’s text to image generation sits snuggly in the content panel, making it easy to find and create images you can use alongside other assets.

Read on for some tips for successful prompting using Vyond’s text to image generation.

Backgrounds and objects work together

You’ll notice the text to image generator has two image format options in Vyond: one is a full sized image and another is an image of an object with the background already removed.

The larger image is designed to work really well as a background for easier video making, and will largely generate locations, settings, and backdrops with less happening in the foreground. Then you can layer objects on top, paired with motion path to create a dynamic scene. Either option can also be used standalone in a scene as a focal point.

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Video Call Backgrounds

Mix things up with a new Zoom virtual background! It’s easy to make your own video call backgrounds with Vyond, so to mark the release of our text to image generator, we’ve prepared a handful of fun backgrounds using Vyond’s text to image and content library assets.

Read on to find some videos and image stills that you can use as your virtual background!

How to use these videos

  1. Select the video you’d like to download, and navigate to the video’s controls on the bottom right of the video player.
  2. Select “Open sharing menu”.
  3. Select “Download”.
Screenshot detailing where to find the download menu on the Wistia preview video player.

*Please note that some images in these videos have been created using generative AI. Review and edit accordingly.

Balcony view


Cozy treehouse


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