Fantasy for Contemporary

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Hear ye, hear ye! Beware of the fire-breathing dragons, thorny vines and poison apples lurking in the library, as there are new fantasy items added in Contemporary style. 

Also, we’ve made two content enhancements in response to your feedback. The Business Friendly safety vest is now even more color-changeable, and we’ve replaced one of the dupe x-ray knee props with an x-ray foot. Drop us a note with your content feedback in the form below! 

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Scene templates (Contemporary): 4 templates, including a storybook opening
  • Backgrounds (Contemporary): 5 backgrounds, including cave, castle interior and a magical forest
  • Props (Contemporary): 78 props, including horse-drawn carriages, humvees, and painting items
  • Actions (Contemporary): including archery, pulling a sword from a stone, painting and getting trapped in vines
  • Stock characters (Contemporary): 6 additional characters, including a King and Queen
  • Character Creator items (Contemporary): 4 upper items, 2 lower, 1 pair of slippers, 5 headgear items including crowns and helmets, 1 protective visor (found under facial feature), 
  • Martial arts actions (Business Friendly): 5 for Adults and 3 for Kids
  • Martial arts (Business Friendly): 1 upper item, 1 lower

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By bringing engaging, on-demand content into your help center, you can empower customers to solve their problems without creating a new ticket. This video from the Vyond Help Center offers bite-size customer education that is engaging, memorable, and rewarding to watch. By communicating with visuals and voice, too, you can communicate complex ideas in an easy-to-understand format.

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