Text to Image Generation for Videos

Reimagine what is possible with your videos! Explore fresh visual styles for video creation, with the latest AI-powered addition to Vyond: text to image generation.

Generating images

There’s now a tab in the content panel for image generation. Enter your prompt, and select a style.

Select from six art styles:

  • Block print
  • Paper art
  • Gradient vector
  • Colorist
  • Photo realism
  • Concept art
  • With more styles coming soon!

Image or objects

The selection allows you to choose full images, or images of the object without a background.

Objects are great to use like props, layering over an image as a background.

Generating and saving

You’ll get two images per generation. Save these to your uploads or a collection to keep them for your projects.

Learn more with tips for successful prompting >

*Please note, this feature is available to users on Professional, Enterprise and Agency plans only.

It’s currently in Beta testing, you can leave feedback in the linked form below.

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