Home and Beauty Content for Business Friendly

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We’ve added loads more content related to home and beauty in Business Friendly style. You’ll find new templates for online shopping, home spa, self-care and grooming routines.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Templates: 12 related to home and beauty, 5 related to city and community 
  • Backgrounds: 4 including bedroom and living room
  • Props: 79 including homeware items
  • Actions: 42 including shaving, applying makeup and combing hair
  • Spa Character Creator items: 1 towel wrap for hair, 1 face mask accessory
  • Stock characters: 11 characters
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More Diversity for Business Friendly Characters

Ensuring that videos made in Vyond can fully reflect the diversity of a global audience, we have updated the Business Friendly color options in our Character Creator. The eyes, noses, mouths and many of the face accessories now have more color options.

We also recently updated our Contemporary style components too. Learn more about the Contemporary facial feature update in this article>

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Actions Help You Tell Your Story

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In this video we told the story of a character’s morning routine using beauty actions and home-themed templates.

Actions in montage

In order to condense the story we used a technique called montage – this is a series of short action shots in sequence. The character in the scene uses actions to illustrate what’s shared in the voiceover and move the story along. 

Our tip for making videos like this is to record the voiceover first. This helps you plan out a scene’s timing more easily.

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