Safety Feature for Expired Accounts

Security is a top priority at Vyond, so we’ve added an extra privacy measure to further protect your work. Now, you’ll find that if your account expires, before you can access it, you’ll need to confirm your identity by clicking on an access link sent to the email address registered to your account.

Learn more about Vyond’s security features in this article >

Vyond Launch

New Stock Characters and Paintings

We’ve added 8 new stock characters to the library, along with a selection of everyday clothes for female characters and a few other props in both Contemporary and Business Friendly.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Everyday clothing options for female characters (Business Friendly): 4 new upper Character Creator items
  • Stock characters (Business Friendly): 8 new female characters
  • Paintings (Business Friendly): 7 framed art props, including a unicorn and a sunset landscape
  • Paintings (Contemporary): 8 framed art props
  • Animated insects (Contemporary): 7 props, including dragonflies and a housefly
  • Double bass (Contemporary): 1 prop and corresponding action

Use this video template >

Vyond Launch
Vyond Launch

Colorful Eyelash Options

For the last few months we have been working on increasing the Character Creator color options to give you greater diversity options to build your characters. Our latest enhancement makes eyelash and eyeliner components in Business Friendly color-adaptable too! 

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Vyond Launch
Vyond Launch