800+ Whiteboard Items Added

You have been asking for more Whiteboard content and here it is! Releasing over 800 new items in Whiteboard style. Check them all out in Vyond Studio.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

Content (Whiteboard):

  • Scenes: 32 scenes including title screen, making deals, and video outros
  • Props: 147 props including mosquito, wooden fence, and lip balm
  • Actions: 651 actions for Adults including cleaning up trash and spying, and 11 actions for Kids including temperature scanning and tapping on tablet

Content (Business Friendly):

  • Prop: 1 prop for website link

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Color-Changeable Whiteboard and Other Templates

Did you know it was possible to change the colors of Whiteboard props in Vyond? Use this video template to learn a few useful tricks for whiteboard animation videos including color emphasis, hand-drawn whiteboard effects, camera movements that follow narration, and synchronized sound effects.

Tips for successful call reports. Find this video template here >

Teach your team how to successfully run support calls with this template about customer communication. Substitute your company’s favorite support call tips for the recommendations we include with this template. You can also replace the voiceover recording and speech bubbles to show the script you’d like your support reps to follow.

About the Template Library

You don’t need to make every video from scratch! The Template Library has videos pre-filled with backgrounds and props, ready for you to customize and add your own messaging.

Browse the latest in our Template Library >

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