New Content Including Insects and Lanyards

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Enjoy our latest additions to the content library, offering lanyard props for the office-savvy characters and plenty of insects for the adventurers. 

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Scratching actions and insects (Business Friendly): 10 props, 3 actions for Adults and Kids
  • Scratching actions and insects (Contemporary): 4 props, 3 actions 
  • Throwing garbage (Business Friendly): 1 prop, 2 actions for Adults and Kids
  • Throwing garbage (Contemporary): 1 prop, 2 actions
  • Lanyard (Business Friendly): 2 props
  • Lanyard (Contemporary): 1 prop
  • Sanitation (Business Friendly): 4 stock characters, 1 lower outfit item and 1 footwear item for the Character Creator
  • Animated eyes (Contemporary): 10 props

Volume Control Panel Enhancements

We’ve made a few enhancements to make it faster and easier to adjust volume in the audio settings panel.

1. Keyboard shortcut

When an audio clip is selected, you can open the audio settings panel with a keyboard shortcut.

  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + A
  • Mac: Cmd + Shift + A

2. Adjust volume two ways

Just like selecting font sizes, you can now choose volume level from a list. You can still type in another number if you want to adjust to a custom volume.

3. Panel stays open

As well as making it easier to open up the audio settings panel, now it’s more convenient to adjust multiple tracks. When you click between audio tracks, the panel will stay open. The panel remains open even if you split a track.

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