A New Concoction of Fonts

Tangerine, rock salt and… finger paint? Redacted!

Font style is one of the key ingredients that helps you create bold statements and flaunt your brand’s character. Use these fonts newly added to Vyond’s library to enhance your brand’s visual identity in your next video.

Here is a list of our newly added fonts:

  • Amatic SC – Regular
  • Bellefair – Regular
  • Black Ops One – Regular
  • Comfortaa – Light and bold
  • Finger Paint – Regular
  • Redacted Script – Regular
  • Roboto – Thin, regular, and black
  • Rock Salt – Regular
  • Rufina – Regular
  • Sacramento – Regular
  • Shadows Into Light – Regular
  • Tangerine – Regular
  • VT323 – Regular
  • Zilla Slab Highlight – Bold

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