Be a Presentation Hero

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Cowboy chases, lasso throws,
rescue missions and hero blows.

Turn your next video into a hero presentation with our new cowboy and superhero content.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

Cowboy and Western (Business Friendly)

  • Templates: 12 templates including handling business risks
  • Backgrounds: 5 backgrounds including Western towns and steam train cabins
  • Props: 36 props including bear traps and Wanted posters
  • Stock characters: 5 new characters including cowboys, cowgirls and bandits
  • Character Creator items: including 3 upper items, 2 lower, 1 pair of cowboy shoes, and 2 face decoration items including miner’s cap and cowboy hat
  • Actions: 5 actions including shooting guns and riding horses

Cowboy and Western (Contemporary)

  • 12 templates, 4 backgrounds, 38 props, 5 stock characters, 7 Character Creator items, and 9 actions


  • Actions (Business Friendly): 10 actions including punching, lifting cars and shooting laser eyes
  • Stock characters (Contemporary): 11 new characters including superheroes and villains
  • Character Creator items (Contemporary): 6 upper items including superhero outfits, 1 evil scientist hair option, 1 pair of laser goggles, 2 headgear items including masks 

Waistcoat content

  • Character Creator items (Business Friendly): 6 upper items for waistcoats

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