Braids, Brows and More Character Creator Items

Have you been waiting for braids in the Character Creator? This update is for you! We’ve added 28 new hair items that include afro-textured and two-tone hair options, along with brows, mouths and more in Business Friendly style. Head to the Character Creator to try out a fresh new look.

Here is a list of our newly added content in Business Friendly:

  • Hairstyles: 28 hair items for Adults and Kids
  • Mouths: 4 mouth items for Adults and Kids
  • Ears: 3 pairs of earrings for Adults and Kids
  • Eyebrows: 7 eyebrow shapes for Adults and Kids
  • Headband: 1 headband accessory for Adults and Kids
  • Mustaches: 4 face accessory items for male Adults

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