Brand Kit

Are you looking to store all your brand materials for your team and ensure brand consistency across all company videos? The brand kit is here to help!

Setting up a brand kit

First, your account’s Team Owner can store company fonts, logos, charts, and presentation templates such as proposals, reports, and contact information in a collection.

Then, the Team Owner can right-click on the collection and select ‘set as brand kit’ to instantly share it with all members in the team account.

All team members will find a new ‘Brand Kit’ tab in the content panel and can readily reuse brand materials while following brand guidelines.

Updating brand kit items

To keep your brand identity safe, the Team Owner has exclusive editing access to the design elements within the brand kit. With this control, all users under the team account will adhere to the latest brand guidelines across your video projects. Coordinating across the company while staying on brand has never been easier!

We continue to release features such as collections, color palettes, and custom watermarks to improve brand consistency across your projects. Stay tuned for more features to come and try out the brand kit to store templates and set the branding framework for your team!

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*Please note, this feature is available to users on Enterprise and Agency plans only.

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