Business Friendly Returns with Auto Insurance Content and More

We have added some auto insurance related items under the Business Friendly style: Including 12 templates, 47 props, 7 backgrounds and 18 actions. Find them all in this video template >

Here is a list of other newly added content:

  • Juggling (Business Friendly): Total 6 actions
  • Swimming (Business Friendly): Total 9 actions
  • Walking up and down stairs (Business Friendly): Total 6 actions
  • Breathing actions (Business Friendly): Total 27 actions
  • Gesture – Using mouse (Business Friendly): Total 17 actions
  • Boxing (Business Friendly): Total 14 actions
  • Hovering (Business Friendly): Total 15 actions
  • Character creator components (Business Friendly): Total 32 items

Other content update:

  • Improved search result (Contemporary and Business Friendly): Including 9 props and 8 actions