Conversation Actions and More Manufacturing Content

Manufacturing systems, production lines, package sorting, and more supply chain scenes. Use our latest manufacturing content pack to demonstrate your business’s production workflow.

Feeling resourceful? Swap out the props in the assembly line, home construction, and transmission tower maintenance scenes to create engaging animated GIFs! You can also check out the templates named “loop animation” in the template library for inspiration.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Scenes: 12 scenes including pharmaceutical manufacturing and home construction
  • Backgrounds: 3 backgrounds including land plot and countryside
  • Props: 31 props including robotic arm, timber frame house, and tube filling machine
  • Actions: 64 actions for Adults in Business Friendly style, including talking while both hands are on the hip and talking while leaning back

Tip: To find all the new talking actions in the library, you can search in the actions library for “conversation” to see them all listed. You’ll find actions for talking and listening in both sitting and standing positions portraying conversation in different moods from excited and confident, to interested and relaxed.

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