Create an Epic Fantasy in Vyond

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Cast an ice spell on a wizard, block an energy ball from an alien, or employ a treasure mimic to con a thief! Create your own world of magical possibilities with our latest fantasy and gaming content which are perfect for instructional designers looking to craft their next course.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

Fantasy and gaming content (Business Friendly):

  • Scene templates: 20 scenes including level up and game over
  • Backgrounds: 2 backgrounds including castle and tavern interiors
  • Props: 80 props including animated treasure mimic, healing spell effect, and chunk of land
  • Actions: 19 actions for Adults, including zombie attack, sword fight victory, and wizard defeat
  • Stock characters: 6 characters including wizard, knight, and girl Robin Hood

Miscellaneous (Business Friendly):

  • Backgrounds: 18 backgrounds including flower, leaf, and shapeless patterns
  • Props: 18 props including hourglass, wings, and blobs
  • Actions: 6 actions for Adults, including shaking a piggy bank and weighing the options

Character Creator items (Contemporary): 56 items for Adults, including 33 hair items, 2 mustaches, 21 eyewear items

Miscellaneous content. Use this video template >

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