Diverse Body Mini Pack and OSHA Lab Outfits

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At Vyond, we value your feedback and strive to create content that is inclusive and relatable for your videos. We are excited to introduce a “Mini Pack” celebrating diversity with characters of all body types in Contemporary style, which you can download using the template link above.

Try out the characters

You can apply actions to these characters and put them in your scenes, however they are not editable for now in the Character Creator. Do try them out and leave some feedback to let us know if we’re on track with these characters.

Lab outfits

In addition, we have created OSHA-compliant characters and outfits based on the feedback received from our manufacturing content release that meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

Business friendly:

  • 4 characters in OSHA-compliant outfits
  • 3 character creator items including lab coats and clean room hood


  • 10 characters featuring a diverse range of body types

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