Dragons, Knights and More Fantasy Content

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Your next adventure awaits! With this content pack you’ll find plenty of fantasy material for your next animation. Create a character that can pull a sword from stone, fight gold-hoarding dragons, and return home in time for the king’s ball.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Fantasy props (Business Friendly): 78 props including fire-breathing dragons, swords and horse-drawn carriage
  • Fantasy props (Contemporary): 17 props including an opening and closing storybook
  • Fantasy backgrounds (Business Friendly): 5 backgrounds including castle, village and spiky forest
  • Story telling templates (Business Friendly): 2 templates to use for the beginning and ending of a story
  • Character Creator outfits (Business Friendly): 6 upper items, 5 lower items, 1 face decoration, 2 hair items (all for Adults)
  • Character Creator outfits (Contemporary): 3 upper items, 2 lower items and 1 headgear item (all for Adults)
  • Knights and royalty (Business Friendly): 17 stock characters including medieval-style outfits 
  • Knight and royalty (Contemporary): 3 stock characters 
  • Sword actions and more (Business Friendly): 29 actions for Adults
  • Sword actions (Contemporary): 12 actions for Adults