Egg-sighting Stuff!

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I spy with my little eye
something ear-resistible, something stirred.
A hungry hippo, a hoppy hare, or perhaps a humming-bird.
Grab your basket, your binoculars, and your clue cards,
look for brightly-colored Easter eggs in the backyard!

Here is a list of our newly added content:

Easter content:

  • Scene templates (Business Friendly): 4 scenes including Easter wishes and Easter egg hunt
  • Scene templates (Contemporary): 3 scenes including Easter egg hunt clues
  • Background (Business Friendly): 1 green field background
  • Props (Business Friendly): 21 props including bunnies eating, hopping, and performing high jumps
  • Props (Contemporary): 8 props including Easter eggs and egg baskets
  • Actions (Business Friendly): 2 Adult actions and 4 Kids actions for looking around
  • Actions (Contemporary): 1 Adult action for looking around
  • Character Creator items (Business Friendly): 1 bunny ear headband for Adults
  • Stock characters (Business Friendly): 4 kid characters with bunny ears


  • Animal props: 77 props including a hippo sleeping, a tortoise hiding, and a leopard scratching
  • Binocular actions (Business Friendly):  2 Adult actions and 4 Kids actions for holding up and lowering binoculars
  • Binocular actions (Contemporary): 2 Adult actions for holding up and looking through binoculars

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