Everything Captions in One Panel

Captions help your videos reach a wider audience in different languages and environments. Now, there is a new and more efficient way to add, edit, manage styles, preview, and download your captions all in one panel within Vyond Studio!

Open the ‘captions/notes’ panel from the icon in the top right corner. For videos without captions yet, you can choose to ‘auto-generate’, upload, or manually type in the captions. Captions with audio cues will also include the track names of audio files, music, and sound effects used.

Videos with captions will see time-stamped text segments in the ‘captions’ panel. Simply click on the text or timestamp to edit them, and right-click on the text unit to select to add a line break or split the text into smaller intervals.

Additionally, you can select to preview, download, delete captions from the top bar, and customize their font, color, and opacity in the caption style settings.

Optimize your captioning workflow with Vyond’s latest caption editor. From adding captions to customizing their style, we cover everything you need in one panel to make your video accessible to a wider audience. Explore it now in Vyond Studio!

*Please note this feature is in beta testing.

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