Generate Custom Actions

Do you have specific actions you need your characters to play out? Vyond’s new AI-powered ‘Video to action’ feature allows you to dictate your characters’ movements exactly the way you want. Here’s how:

Creating your own action

First, film the action. Below are some tips for preparing your footage for best results:

  • Set up your camera on a tripod to keep the video steady
  • Film only one person at a time, with their face towards the camera
  • Include the entire body in the frame
  • Avoid wearing loose-fitting clothes so that the action can capture limbs, hands and feet more easily
  • Save the video in mp4 format, keep it under ten seconds and no bigger than 100 MB

Generating your custom action

Inside Vyond Studio, add a Contemporary character to the stage and open the ‘Action’ toolbox. There, select to ‘Generate action’ and upload your action video footage. Once your custom action is ready, you can apply it to your character.

Learn more about generating actions >

*Please note, this feature is available to users on Professional, Enterprise and Agency plans only.

It’s currently in Beta testing, you can leave feedback in the linked form below.

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