Icons and Extra COVID-19 Props

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We’ve added new props to the library covering all kinds of icons, such as ‘Subscribe’, ‘Follow’ and a ‘Live stream effect’. There are 44 of these marketing and networking icons in Business Friendly and 40 in Contemporary. 

Here is a list of other newly added content:

  • COVID-19 mini-pack (Business Friendly): 19 props, 4 actions for adults, 1 face decoration CC item
  • COVID-19 mini-pack (Contemporary): 14 props, 2 actions
  • Office stretching (Business Friendly): 6 props, 40 actions for adults, 2 actions for kids
  • Office stretching (Contemporary): 5 props, 33 actions
  • AC related content (Business Friendly): 14 props, 2 actions for both kids and adults
  • AC related content (Contemporary): 7 props