More Halloween Content for Business Friendly

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Spooky scarecrows, flying bats
Jack-o-lanterns and black cats
Cauldrons bubbling with potion
…it means Halloween’s approachin’!

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Spooky templates, backgrounds and props (Business Friendly): 8 templates, 6 backgrounds and 65 spook-tacular props including skeleton dogs and a headless horseman
  • Spooky actions (Business Friendly): 14 actions for Adults and 1 for Kids, including trick-or-treat
  • Stock characters (Business Friendly): 15 characters including witches and wizards
  • Character Creator outfits (Business Friendly): 9 accessories for Adults, 8 accessories for Kids, 3 upper items for Adults, 2 upper items for Kids, 2 lower items for Adults and Kids, and 1 nose
  • Holding handbag actions (Business Friendly): 4 actions
  • COVID-19 Character Creator items (Business Friendly): 2 face mask accessories for Adults and Kids
  • COVID-19 stock characters (Business Friendly): 8 characters wearing the new face masks
  • COVID-19 action (Business Friendly and Contemporary): 1 action of character taking their own temperature