New Actions and Props

You can now find new daily life actions and props for Business Friendly and Contemporary, including placing food on the table and using a long cane for the visually impaired.

Here is a list of all newly added content:

  • Carrying a bag (Business Friendly): 8 actions, 1 prop
  • Carrying a bag (Contemporary): 8 actions, 2 props
  • Long cane (Business Friendly): 12 actions, 1 prop
  • Long cane (Contemporary): 6 actions, 1 prop
  • Brown cane (Business Friendly): 1 action
  • Brown cane (Contemporary): 1 action
  • Hospitality (Business Friendly): 4 actions including wiping table, placing food 
  • Hospitality (Contemporary): 3 actions
  • Cleaning hands (Business Friendly): 2 actions, 25 props
  • Cleaning hands (Contemporary): 2 actions

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