Organize Assets with Collections

Vyond’s new Collections feature is here to help you organize your library assets so you can find them more easily!

Whether you want to group your items by project name, company department, asset type, color code, or other different categories, you can now organize all Vyond scenes, characters, props, text boxes, music, soundtracks, and your uploaded images and videos into Collections.

Adding assets to a collection

In the content panel, find the item you wish to add to a collection. Simply right-click the item. From there, click ‘Add to Collection’. Collections can be found under the ‘Library’ tab in the content panel. You can also add to a collection from the stage and timeline.

Collections make managing video assets such as branding materials easier. Maintaining your brand’s online image with Vyond is now easier than ever!

*Please note, this feature is available to users on Professional, Enterprise and Agency plans only.

Learn more about Collections >

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