Scene Update

Next time you try adding a scene to your timeline, you might notice something a little different. 

Scene icon

In Vyond Studio, next to the Prop and Character icons you’ll also find a new Scene icon. This opens up a panel full of scenes. By moving the scenes library from the timeline to the left hand side of the studio, you can find all the content you add to your video from the same area. We also know you’ll find it so much easier to browse the scenes in this format.

Click or drag

You can click on a scene in the panel to quickly replace the scene you have on stage. Or you can drag the scene to wherever you want in the timeline. So easy!

“Choose Scene”

You can still add a scene from the timeline too! Your menu will now give you the chance to “Choose Scene” instead of choosing a template. We wanted to make it easier to clarify between the Scenes in your timeline and the video templates available in our Template Library.

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