Skating, Vaping, Fumigating

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Sliding down a desert mountain with impressive skateboard tricks, emerging from a cloud of smoke in a supervillain stride, or floating into the sky with colorful balloons. Create iconic scenes with our new props, actions and more!

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Skating and smoking actions (Business Friendly): 23 actions for Adults, including vaping and smoke-filled entrances and exits
  • Earphones props (Business Friendly): 3 props, including earbuds
  • Earphones items in Character Creator (Business Friendly): 2 items for earphones
  • Balloon and piggy bank prop enhancements (Business Friendly): 7 prop enhancements including adding a non-animated piggy bank, making balloons color-changeable
  • Road background enhancements (Business Friendly): 6 backgrounds including non-animated roads and deserts
  • Character Creator items (Whiteboard): adding back 5 glasses for Kids

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