Slick Tricks for Smooth Presentations

We’ve put together three slick tricks that you can try out in Vyond Studio. Follow the steps to create smooth scene transitions and join sequences together in clever ways.

Trick 1 – Making the message pop up

This is a great way to give viewers context and then smoothly draw attention to your main message.

Use this template >
To try this yourself:

  1. Create a scene with a character working at the computer. We’ve used a desk, chair, monitor, keyboard, and a coffee cup.
  2. Select all the assets and set the Exit Effect to Blur. Set the duration to 8 seconds.
  3. Add a rectangle to cover the entire scene. Set the Enter Effect to Fade. Adjust the delay to around 3 seconds. Then, under the More option next to the effects tabs, adjust the Opacity to 70%.
  4. Add a rectangle to represent a pop-up window, and then add text to create your message. Set the Enter Effect on these assets to Pop. Adjust the delay to 3 seconds.
  5. Preview your video, and if necessary adjust the timing on the effects.
  6. Give yourself a pat on the back for creating such slick scenework.

Learn more about enter and exit effects in this tutorial >

Trick 2 – Connecting location

From outdoor to indoor, or from here to there, sometimes it’s hard to connect two scenes together. This snapshot scene is a great segue to move the viewer towards your message.


Use this template >
To try this yourself:

  1. Create your first scene. Use props that give context to your message, and include a camera prop.
  2. Create the next scene. Start with a book prop and any text you want to include. Add a photo frame prop and on top of that use a few of the assets from the last scene, adjusting it to look like a snapshot.
  3. Add a Camera Movement, framing the darker orange rectangle over the photo frame prop. Add a second Camera Movement, framing the lighter orange rectangle to view the whole stage. Set the delay to 0.5 seconds and the duration to 1 second.
  4. Add a rectangle prop and change the color to white. Stretch it large enough to cover the whole scene.
  5. We want to make the camera look like it’s flashing. To do this, set the rectangle prop’s Exit Effect to Fade, changing the delay to 0 and duration to 0.5 seconds.
  6. Preview your video. Success!

Learn about Camera Movement in this tutorial >

Trick 3 – Comparing scenarios

A simple trick that you should add to your video portfolio. Comparing scenarios gives the viewer a clear visual distinction between two options and it’s easy for you to do quickly. Stick to a simple color palette to help make the differences stand out.

Use this template >
To try this yourself:

  1. Add a rectangle prop to the left half of the stage. Create your composition on top using assets that illustrate your message.
  2. Copy all assets and paste to the other side of the stage.
  3. While the pasted assets are still selected, right click and select Mirror.
  4. Add or take away props to the second composition to create a comparison.
  5. Select all assets on the left and apply Enter Effects to Slide Right. Select all assets on the right and apply Enter Effects to Slide Left.
  6. Preview your video. Success!

Learn more about Mirror in this tutorial >
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