Stay Afloat!

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Home fires, catastrophic floods, broken furniture, or wall stains? Don’t let natural disasters hit you like an asteroid. Get insurance to stay afloat as effortlessly as an astronaut in space!

Here is a list of our newly added content:

Space content (Business Friendly):

  • Scenes: 5 scenes including space station and rocket liftoff
  • Backgrounds: 7 backgrounds including asteroid belt and space station
  • Props: 19 props including meteorite, galaxy, and space rover
  • Actions: 1 floating action for Adults and Kids

Insurance content (Business Friendly):

  • Scenes: 12 scenes including flooding and home fire
  • Props: 29 props including burn marks, peel marks, and broken furniture

Miscellaneous content:

  • Props (Business Friendly): 2 props for wooden signs
  • Actions (Business Friendly): 2 actions for Adults and Kids, including holding a sign
  • Actions (Contemporary): 1 action for holding a sign

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