Text-to-Speech: Tone, Speed, Pitch and Preview

Vyond’s latest advanced text-to-speech (TTS) settings allow you to create realistic TTS voiceovers and improve your video narrative. Also it’s now possible to preview voices before generating audio!

The next time you edit any TTS file settings, you will see a new “voice style” section where you can adjust the speed and pitch of the audio file on voices. You’ll notice that some voices, marked with a speech bubble icon next to their voice name, also have the option of adjusting the tone.

How to adjust voice settings:

  • In the “tone” dropdown menu, preview and select different tones to add expressions to your TTS voiceover.
  • In the “speed” section, adjust the speed of your speech to enhance your story’s pacing.
  • Finally, in the “pitch” menu, vary your voiceover pitch to heighten your story’s narrative.

Please note that the availability and variety of tones, speed and pitch depends on which voice is selected. If any of the options are greyed out, the voice adjustments are not available for that voice.

Create expressive and realistic text-to-speech voiceovers and storytelling experiences with Vyond’s new TTS settings today!

Learn more about tone, speed and pitch in our help center article on text-to-speech voice styles >

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