Themed Content Packs, Faceless Characters and More

We have a new type of content pack – themes! These are collections of templates based around a theme that you can use to easily create presentation-style videos, like when you’re pitching your ideas, presenting new information, or updating the team on HR changes. These templates come in a wide range of styles, from professional-looking corporate themes to fun and playful themes such as comic book and space. They are composed in ways that you can conveniently apply different messages to them. Additionally, our e-commerce and insurance-themed templates also feature faceless characters for neutrality. Search for “theme” in our template library to find our themed content packs.

As for scene content packs, we have added more locations such as home construction, supermarket warehouse, and biotech manufacturing.

Lastly, to mark Global Wellness Day on the second Saturday of June, we have one template to help promote the importance of good living and stay healthy physically and mentally.

We update our template library regularly so make sure you check the page to see our latest additions!

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