Tips for Stronger Searches and Other Templates

4 Tips for Stronger Google Searches. Find this video template here >

Adding animated annotations in Vyond Studio can help you highlight important elements and illustrate abstract ideas right on top of the recording. This video about stronger google searches is a great example of how to embellish a screen recording.

3 Stages of Money Laundering. Find this video template here >

It is fundamental to teach your employees about the mechanics of money laundering to prevent illegal practices from taking place. Luckily, animated videos can turn a tedious topic into a fun and engaging one that will surely capture the attention of your audience. Use this video template to create your own dynamic training video in Vyond Studio.

What Are Stock Options? Find this video template here >

Many times, attracting the right talent requires offering coveted benefits that are appealing on paper but confusing and difficult to understand. Benefits like 401k matching contributions, expense reimbursements, and stock options. With this video, you can communicate your company stock option benefits with ease and efficacy. Simply edit and share this animated video with your prospecting candidates and impress them with the simplicity and effectiveness of video.

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