UK Themed Content

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We’re positively chuffed to bring you lots of new props, character components and backgrounds that reflect the UK in both Business Friendly and Contemporary styles.

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Also we put together some typical scenes using the new props. Use the link to copy them into your own videos!

Here is a list of our newly added UK themed content:

  • Backgrounds (Business Friendly): 9 including a London skyline and sweeping countryside
  • Backgrounds (Contemporary): 3 including a courthouse setting
  • Props (Business Friendly): 80 including a double decker bus and bus stop
  • Props (Contemporary): 42 including bagpipes and red post box
  • Character Components (Business Friendly): 2 hair items, 4 accessories, 13 upper wear items, 3 lower wear items, including uniform worn by UK emergency service staff
  • Character Components (Contemporary): 2 hair items, 4 head items, 14 upper wear, 4 lower wear
  • Actions (Business Friendly): 13 including toasting with beer
  • Actions (Contemporary): 2 actions with a fire hose