Updated Flip Function: Flip Action and Mirror

We had many requests for an updated “Flip” function, and now it’s here!

Previously, selecting “Flip” on a character gave you a mirrored appearance, meaning hair and accessories would also swap sides. Now, when you select “Flip Action” the characters will move their arms and actions to the other side, but outfits will stay the same.

You can still invert the character image as you did before, but we’re calling this “Mirror” from now on.


How it works

Here, our models are showcasing the latest features. To try the “Flip Action” or “Mirror”, first select a character. Then you can:

  1. Right click and select from the dropdown menu, or
  2. On the upper right toolbar panel look under the “More” tab to find the two icons.


Flip Action:

For “Flip Action” you can see that whichever direction our models are facing, the pockets, scarves and hair are all styled in the same way for seamless movement.


For the “Mirror” feature we can see the same style but as a mirror image, so the accessories are inverted after the flip. You can mix and match the “Flip” functions as well as changing facial direction to get the look just right.
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