Bumper Selection of Content Packs

We have added a new content pack featuring characters without facial features in our template library! These characters are perfect when you want to maintain neutrality and inclusivity in your videos, especially on sensitive topics.

Additionally, our new home and office content packs showcase different modern design concepts for a fresher and homier work environment. Explore bright spaces and open office layouts in Contemporary style by looking up “modern scenes” in our template page.

As for Business Friendly style, we have new content packs covering indoor scenes set in a middle school, a university, or a training room, and outdoor scenes set in a city park, a forest, or a jungle.

Last but not least, we have a new gamified eLearning video template designed to help you learn about the four types of change management in a fun and interactive way.

We update our template library regularly so make sure you check the page to see our latest additions!

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