Focus With Keyboard Shortcuts

Illustrating parts of Vyond with focusable states and the 'tab' key which lets you move between the focusable areas on a keyboard.

At Vyond, we strive to make our tools inclusive and user-friendly through continuous feature enhancements. We are excited to release some new keyboard shortcuts to make it easier and quicker to navigate around your web browser when using Vyond. The shortcuts allow you to focus on certain components on the page.

Here is a table of our newly added keyboard shortcuts:

TabNext item
Shift + TabPrevious item
Move up
Move down
Move left
Move right
EnterSelect item
EscClose menu or dialog box
SpaceSelect item, or scroll down a screen
Space + ShiftScroll up a screen

Where you can use these shortcuts

Currently, these keyboard shortcuts are available on the signup, login, and ‘Your Videos’ pages. As we continue to improve keyboard shortcuts, we will make them available across Vyond so stay tuned.

Say goodbye to multiple button clicks and start navigating through Vyond using our latest keyboard shortcuts!

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