Inclusivity in the Workplace

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Celebrate pride month and promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace with our new HR and LGBTQ+ content.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • HR content scenes (Contemporary): 41 scenes including company values, team structure, and staff introduction
  • HR content props (Contemporary): 12 props including clipboard, organization chart lines, and toilet door
  • Backgrounds (Contemporary): 2 backgrounds including speed lines and circuit board
  • LGBTQ+ actions (Business Friendly): 2 actions for Adults, including waving a rainbow flag
  • LGBTQ+ Character Creator items (Business Friendly): 40 Adult items including rainbow tee, nose with piercing, and half bun, and 8 Kids items including rainbow and heart-shaped glasses for Kids
  • Characters (Business Friendly): 8 characters including LBGTQ+ characters and rocker

Note: A small reminder that many of our assets are color-changeable, including all the rainbow tee and rainbow glasses Character Creator items!

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