New in Get Inspired – Camera Movements

Do your videos always end up looking like boring slide shows? Applying camera movement can solve that issue.

Different kinds of camera movements can be applied according to the kind of information you want to show the audience.
Listed below are 3 common camera movements:

  • Zooming: Zooming means changing the focal length of the lens. It gives the illusion of moving closer to or away from the object and magnifies details or extends the field of view respectively.
  • Tracking: Tracking is moving the camera from one side to another side with a constant distance. It is used to follow a subject that would leave the frame, such as a character or vehicle in motion.
  • Cut shot: A cut shot technically serves as transition between camera angles. It is usually used for dialogue scenes when camera movement is unnecessary. It can also be used to create a montage sequence.

Now that you’ve learned the secret of camera movements there’s no limit to what you can create!


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