Useful Building Blocks for Auto Insurance Videos

Do you ever worry that your audience’s eyes glaze over as soon as you start mentioning terms like “liability coverage” or “claims processing”? Instead of only showing terms, conditions and procedures etc., you can also add different scenarios to the videos. Here are three sample videos:
Sample Video 1 – Claims Process. Use this video template >

Sample Video 2 – Liability Coverage. Use this video template >

Sample Video 3 – Driving Tips. Use this video template >


Building Blocks

In the above sample videos, you can see they follow the same basic three-part structure: introduction, body and ending. This can help you break up the larger concepts into easily digestible pieces. At the same time, this format improves both the audience’s retention and engagement.


This is the hook you use to get your audience’s attention so that they understand your topic and want to know more about it.
Use building blocks >


This is the main body of your message, where you go into detail about your topic, and the services that you offer. The best way to keep your message clear and concise is to break up larger blocks of texts by using visual elements.
Use building blocks >


Summarize the main takeaways of your video. The repetition of these key points will make it easier for the audience to retain the information after viewing. You might also consider adding an epilogue!
Use building blocks >
This structure is very useful for training videos as well. Try creating your own!
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