Vyond Go for Internal Communications

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In this video enjoy some tips and tricks for human resource managers to transform a company’s internal communications through varying video prompts and layout choices with Vyond Go.

Tips on writing a prompt

When it comes to writing a prompt for Vyond Go, we found that adding at least 50 words to the prompt gets the best results. You can write in the topic box a general description of what you’re looking for and let Vyond Go do the work of fleshing out the details. Or if you already have key information you want to include, such as business plan details, or highlights from an announcement that should be included in the script, you can also paste those in.

Vyond Go layouts

The template layouts define how many characters are talking in your video. A ‘Talking head’ video will have just the one, and it’s great for addressing an audience directly. A ‘Conversation’ layout will feature two characters talking together, and these are great for having a video that feels like people are sharing news, anecdotes or informing one another.

Watch the video for more tips on how to keep your internal communication materials fresh with Vyond Go.

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