New Games Content and More

We’ve added a stack of new card and board game items to the library, including 18 props and 10 actions in Business Friendly.

Here is a list of other newly added content:

  • One-hump camel (Contemporary): 7 props
  • Inspiration actions without lightbulb (Business Friendly and Whiteboard): 4 actions
  • Yelling actions (Business Friendly and Whiteboard): 3 actions
  • Taking oath actions (Contemporary and Business Friendly): 2 actions
Vyond Launch

Updated Flip Function: Flip Action and Mirror

We had many requests for an updated “Flip” function, and now it’s here!

Previously, selecting “Flip” on a character gave you a mirrored appearance, meaning hair and accessories would also swap sides. Now, when you select “Flip Action” the characters will move their arms and actions to the other side, but outfits will stay the same.

You can still invert the character image as you did before, but we’re calling this “Mirror” from now on.

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Vyond Launch