New Cybersecurity and Spy Content

What’s new? Check out the cybersecurity and spy content in Business Friendly, including 19 templates, 11 backgrounds, 101 props, 47 actions, and 8 characters.

Here is a list of other newly added content:

  • Library characters with in-between body types (Business Friendly): 38 characters
  • Character Creator outfits (Business Friendly): 1 bow tie tuxedo upper item, 1 bowler hat accessory
  • Kid meditation actions (Business Friendly): 3 actions
  • Waving action (Business Friendly): 1 item
  • Oath actions (Business Friendly): 4 items
  • Oath actions (Contemporary): 2 items

Use this video template>

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Mask Enhancement

Usability tests showed the Mask tool was tricky for some new users. To make it easier for everybody, we have updated the feature with a visible overlay.

Crop – Trimming single asset
Now, when you right-click on a single asset you can select Crop. Use the Crop feature to trim the edges of an asset, bringing focus to a specific area. Reselect at any time to edit or remove.

Mask – Framing assets
The Mask feature allows you to use certain shapes, frames, and screen props to hide or show parts of another asset. We’ve made Mask easier to adjust by adding a visible overlay in edit mode. This makes it clearer to see what you are masking.

Learn more about maskable assets in our help center article on masking >
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Text in Video

Text is an important visual element in a video, but less useful when it’s difficult to read. Here are some best practices for using text in a video:

Title cards

  • Make titles noticeable
  • Align your title in the centre with plenty of space around it

Text hierarchy

  • Big information up top
  • Enter effects draw attention in the right order

Cut lengthy text

  • When you can, use visuals instead
  • Short bullet points help break down a paragraph
  • Check there is enough time to read everything. If it’s too long, trim the words


  • Adjust text font size so that there is no overlap within charts
  • Use camera movement to highlight key information

To try these tips out for yourself, why not use this template>

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