Brand Palettes and Recoloring in Videos

Palettes have arrived for collections and the brand kit! Ensure that every video you and your teammates create aligns perfectly with the right color palette. Maintaining a consistent brand identity across all your projects on Vyond has become even easier.

Adding palettes to collections and the brand kit

You can add color palettes to collections. First, choose ‘more’ options on the selected color palette, then, select ‘Add to Collections’ and choose your palette destination. Additionally, Team Owners can add palettes to the brand kit to share brand palettes across the team account.

Explore color combinations for props, charts, and more with ‘recolor’

Once this step is done, a ‘recolor’ button becomes active in the content panel within the Brand Kit tab, allowing you to easily recolor props, characters, text, charts, and backgrounds with colors from the designated brand palette. Please note that for simplicity, certain body parts of a character (such as skin color, eyes, and lips) have been excluded from the recoloring feature.

One collection, multiple palettes

A brand kit or collection can house multiple palettes, allowing for experimentation with recoloring using the right combination. While the ‘recolor’ button within a brand kit is accessible to all team members, the same button in a regular collection is private to its respective owner.

Managing palettes in collections

Editing colors and renaming palettes in the brand kit and collections is similar to working with regular palettes. While Team Owners have the authority to add, edit, and delete palettes in the brand kit, team members can only apply the colors from the brand palette. However, team members can create, manage, and use their color palettes, add them to collections, and freely use the ‘recolor’ feature.

Removing a palette from the brand kit

Should a brand palette be removed from the brand kit, scene recoloring will be disabled for all team members, while for Team Owners, the removed brand palette can be found under ‘My Library’ in the Palettes toolbox.

The new brand palette and recoloring feature in brand kits and in collections is a user-friendly tool designed to help you and your team members seamlessly apply brand colors to videos and experiment with various color combinations. Go try it out now in Vyond Studio!

*Please note, this feature is available to users on Enterprise and Agency plans only.

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