Generate Explainer Videos with “Talking Head” in Vyond Go

Vyond Go’s new ‘Talking head’ layout makes it easy to create single-character videos with ease. 

Talking head videos commonly feature a narrator speaking directly to a camera, making it easy for the audience to connect with the speaker. With Vyond Go, the ‘Talking head’ layout also includes a variety of customizable title cards using words from the script to help you better illustrate your ideas, making your video informative, structured, and engaging. Once your AI-generated video is ready, you can open Quick Edit mode to make any tweaks to your video script and title cards.

Vyond Go is our latest AI-powered script and video creator that features a simple design and requires no video production or editing experience to get started. Use Vyond Go’s ‘Talking head’ option to easily create your next explainer, testimonial, and interview-style videos!

Learn more about Vyond Go and Quick Edit from this article > 

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