2021 Vyond Releases in Review

From lockable assets to drag and drop enhancements, this year we’ve worked on many improvements to make your video making experience with Vyond smoother.

Also, this year we added more content that you can use in Vyond Studio. The total number of assets in the library now has over 1,500 stock characters, around 600 backgrounds, and over 7,800 actions across the different body types and styles. The Character Creator has more than 4,000 items for personalizing your characters, there are nearly 2,000 scene templates available in the timeline and over 13,000 props for your animations! Now that’s a lot of video making magic.

This year’s product releases and enhancements include:

The new content added to the library included banking props, new audio, housing templates and props, a bumper pack of Japan content, seasonal items, healthcare and medical items, vehicles, gaming, stock characters, hand gestures, and additional Character Creator items like braids, brows, bobs and earrings.

We’re already looking ahead to next year’s improvements. Give us your feedback and let us know what you wish to see in 2022!